Testing Requirement for International Travel

If you are traveling anywhere internationally (including to Puerto Vallarta) the CDC is requiring you to have a negative Covid test to come back to the United States. Travelers need a test no more than 1 day before their departure regardless of vaccination status. The exception to this is if you have recently had Covid and can provide a copy of your positive test results and a letter from a medical professional stating you are cleared to travel. The US requires a NAAT, PCR, or Antigen Test (note Canada only allows PCR tests and has different requirements). All tests are harmless and done by nose/mouth swabs. The cost of the tests is not covered by Villa Estrella Mar. Please check the CDC website for more information.
Please refer to the CDC website for additional details

We realize this is a bit of an inconvenience but the info below is here to make it as painless as possible. We also hope that this requirement will be lifted soon and it is possible it may not even apply to your upcoming vacation depending on your dates but currently there is no set end date.
Please note these recommendations have been provided to you but we are not in any way affiliated with any testing facilities and cannot guarantee availability, pricing, or on time delivery of results. There are also MANY other options available to you if you do your own research.

PVR Airport

Website: GAP
Phone: +52 800 0044 800
~$25 Antigen Test
Result Delivery Time: ~2 hours
Result delivery method: In Person

Hospital Joya

Price(USD): ~$50 Antigen Test
Result Delivery Time: ~8 hours
Result delivery method: Email
*Mobile onsite testing available*

CMQ Premiere Hospital

Phone: +52 322 226 6500
Price(USD): ~$197
Result Delivery Time: ~24 Hours
Result delivery method: Email or physical copy

SANMARE Health Care Group

Phone: +52 322 252 1711
Price(USD): ~$194
Result Delivery Time: ~24 Hours
Result delivery method: Email

Health Care Resources PV

Phone: +52 322 107 7007
Price(USD): ~$25-50
Result Delivery Time: ~24 Hours
Result delivery method: Email
*Mobile onsite testing available*

How We are Keeping Guests Safe

Staying with Us

Please be respectful of our new guidelines outlined below.  We want to create a safe work environment for our staff and an enjoyable one for our guests. Please let us know if you have any concerns.

Hand washing icon from Rahmat Hidayat


Sanitizing & hand washing is required upon entering. Hand washing should be as frequently as possible after that between tasks. All staff will follow proper hand washing procedures. Hand sanitizer can be used when hand washing is not immediately possible. Sanitizer will be provided in common areas (alcohol based at least 60% alcohol)

Hand washing icon from Eucalyp


All hard surfaces will be cleaned with approved disinfectants. Two daily cleanings of all touchable surfaces using sanitizing wipes or solutions have been scheduled and will be tracked morning and evening. This includes doorknobs, light switches, faucets, toilet handles, fridge handles, coffee pot, iPads, handrails, remote controls etc. 

mask icon from Rahmat Hidayat


When guests are present, masks will be worn by all staff members. Masks are encouraged but optional when no guests are present as long as social distancing is taking place.

Social Distance icon from Normansyah


Guests are asked to remain 6 ft apart from other staff members and guests when possible. Limit physical contact when possible and avoid handshaking, hugs, etc. 

meal icon from Thanga Vignesh


Staff will wipe down menus to disinfect after each use. Guests are encouraged to sit spaced apart at three tables on the main dining level rather than all at the main table. At a guest's request, staff can purchase one time use paper dishes/ paper napkins/ plastic silverware etc. to be used for meals.

staffing icon from Rahmat Jose Doria Correa


All guest facing staff are fully vaccinated. Staff will stay at home if they show any signs of being sick. If they become sick at work, they will notify owners immediately and go home or to the doctor. If anyone has been in recent contact with someone who tests positive for COVID-19, owners will be alerted immediately and proper actions will be taken. Guests have the option to choose minimal staffing.

sink icon from Melio


One time use hand towels readily available in shared bathrooms (powder room and poolside bathroom). Guests will be encouraged to use the bathroom in the suite they are occupying as much as possible. Hand washing instructions to be put in bathrooms and kitchen as reminder to both staff and guests.

Many of our recent guests have found PV to feel very safe, and in some cases even safer than their own hometown. PV and where you will be staying are both going above and beyond to make sure tourists are taken care of, new cleaning and disinfecting protocols are in place, masks are being worn, limitations on gatherings are in place and social distancing is encouraged. Restaurants are operating at a reduced capacity to allow for more generous spacing between groups. Most things being done in cities across the US have been introduced down in PV so that you can have a safe and memorable vacation.

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