Our Amazing Staff

Our friendly staff of 15 is here to make your stay amazing.
Head Houseman

The Villa’s head Houseman, completely fluent in English and meeting your every expectation. He can make transportation arrangements, help make restaurant and tour reservations, purchase groceries, serve meals, you name it! If you need help with anything, Paco is your go to guy!

Assistant Houseman

Assistant Houseman, fluent in English as well, who happens to have been stolen away from one of the top restaurants in Puerto Vallarta. With impeccable style, he will serve you poolside margaritas, lunch and dinner. Just ask and he can assist in making any needed reservations, ordering flowers for your loved one or scheduling an in house massage. His “super power” is anticipating any needs you may have during your stay.


In charge of handling all local administrative elements of running Estrella Mar as well as coordinating all maintenance projects at the villa. She will be at the property as needed so you may or may not see her during you stay but we can ensure she is working hard to make sure your trip runs smoothly.

Reservation Manager

Though you likely won't run into her during your stay at the villa, Jordan handles all the reservations for the Villa. She is your point of contact from the moment you inquire and will answer any questions you have, help you book, and make sure the staff is ready for your arrival.

Head Chef

Our Villa is complete with our 5 star chef Lupe. Select items off our extensive menu or challenge him to make your favorite dish. The meals he prepares are sure to delight and some say they are better than any of the restaurants in town!

Assistant Chef

Our Assistant Chef with the biggest smile and some of the best French toast and homemade desserts around. Lola assists Lupe in the kitchen to make sure your meals meet (and exceed) your expectations. They can handle any dietary restrictions.

Event Assistant

Emiliano will help you with your luggage, grab you a drink or help set up the poll volley ball set. Don’t be surprised if you see him sweeping the entry, helping in the kitchen or blowing up the latest pool toy. He is new to the Villa but not to customer service.


Paty is part of the team of maids at the Villa who makes sure the property is clean for you. From making beds, to doing laundry, Paty stays busy to ensure our property is in great shape.


Magali is the newest addition to our team of maids and you will delight in the artistic flair she adds to the rooms. She is happy to do your laundry while you are here if you just put it in the “Magic Basket” in your room.

Maintenance Manager

Senior Toro is the “MacGyver” of our Villa. He can fix anything and everything from plumbing to electrical. If you notice anything during your stay that needs attention be sure to alert our staff so it can be taken care of immediately.

Maintenance Assistant

Torito, our Maintenance Assistant, works alongside Senior Toro to keep our Villa in top-notch shape. If you notice anything during your stay that needs attention, Torito will help fix it.

Night Watchman

Our English-Speaking Night Watchman who maintains the security of Estrella Mar while also excelling in guest requests, whether it be carrying you luggage to your room, calling a Taxi or late night snacks in the kitchen.

Night Watchman

Tacho works the early morning shift at Estrella Mar so though you may never see him during your stay as he will likely be gone before you wake up, he works to keep the property secure. There is never a time when guests are on property without a staff member present so if you need anything, just let him know.

Master Gardener

Don Elias truly has the magic touch when it comes to gardening. He works six days a week at Estrella Mar transforming and maintaining our beautiful grounds into what you see today. Though he doesn't speak any English you are sure to get a big smile and a wave when you see him.

Assistant Gardener

Jose joins Don Elias tending to Estrella Mar's gardens, watering and maintaining all of the plants throughout the villa grounds. It is quite a big job so we are thrilled to have his help.